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Rittenhouse Needlepoint sends out a newsletter once a month. The newsletter is just one way that we communicate with our customers though it is argueably the most important. Our newsletter, as opposed to social media, enables us to be more expansive and informative and our goal for the newsletter is to provide articles of lasting value to our clientele.

By submitting your email address you are agreeing to subscribe to our newsletter and you are also agreeing to an extremely limited number of electronic messages (less than six additional bulk emails per year) informing our customers of upcoming events, classes, sales, etc. We understand that you receive tons of email every day and that you certainly do not want to hear from us on a daily or even a weekly basis. We get that.

We also understand that you do not want us to share your email with any other companies or individuals. Done and done. Your email address may be used by the staff at Rittenhouse Needlepoint to contact you regarding an order or project that you have with us should we need to contact you for any reason. If we have an email address for you on file then we consider electronic mail to be as legitimate a form of customer communication as the telephone or the postal service. It benefits us all therefore when we have your current email address always on file.

Please note that it is possible to submit your email (so that we will have it in order to communicate with you regarding your orders and finishing) but also to "opt out of receiving email from us" which would then mean that you would not receive either the newsletter nor the less than six "other" emails per year that were previously mentioned.

Have I covered everything? I hope so but probably not. If you have any other questions or concerns regarding our customer communications policies feel free to send us an email and we will gladly get back to you.

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